UNICEF/WHO/The World Bank Group joint child malnutrition estimates: levels and trends in child malnutrition: key findings of the 2019 edition


The inter-agency team released new joint estimates for child stunting, overweight, underweight, wasting and severe wasting (March 2019 edition) using the same methodology as in previous years. These new estimates supersede former analyses results published by UNICEF, WHO and the World Bank Group. Note the entire time series is updated; for assessing changes over time, comparisons should be made based on the update time series.

Given that country data are at maximum available from surveys conducted in the year previous to when the modelling exercise takes place, in 2019 the joint estimates were derived up to 2018 with extrapolation for stunting until 2030.

WHO Team

Nutrition and Food Safety


World Health Organization, United Nations Children’s Fund, World Bank Group

Reference numbers

WHO Reference Number: WHO/NMH/NHD/19.20