The inter-agency team releases annually estimate for child stunting, overweight, underweight, wasting and severe wasting. These new estimates supersede former analyses results published by the JME group, and the entire time series is updated based
on available data to date.

2020 edition

Globally, 144.0 million children under 5 suffer from stunting, 47.0 million children under 5 were wasted of which 14.3 million were severely wasted, and 38.3 million were overweight

Key findings of the 2020 edition


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Other available related materials and tools

Click here to open the interactive dashboard

The dashboard generates graphs and charts, using the latest joint estimates for stunting, overweight, wasting and severe wasting. Prevalence and numbers are presented by different country groupings (UN, SDG, UNICEF, WHO, World Bank income groups and World Bank regions.


JME Child Malnutrition Estimates in the WHO Global Health Observatory (GHO)

You can download the JME estimates directly from GHO in other table formats: