In 2012, the World Health Assembly (WHA) approved a Comprehensive Implementation Plan on Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition that identified six global targets related to priority nutrition outcomes to be achieved by 2025. In 2014, Member States approved the Global Nutrition Monitoring Framework (GNMF) on Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition that included six global targets. In 2015, the Executive Board endorsed the additional fourteen core indicators, but requested clarifications and further operational aspects for Member States including the uniform definitions of the indicator, recommended frequency of data collection, availability of data, operational aspects of data collection and evidence for the validity of the selected indicators.

This operational guidance document aims to help Member States to report on the GNMF indicators to monitor progress in meeting the nutrition targets for 2025. The document outlines the key aspects of how to operationalize the GNMF indicators at national level. For all indicators, step-by-step description has been provided on the indicator definition, method of estimation, data availability, data sources, data collection frequency, and guidance on data collection and reporting. The operational guidance is intended to contribute to harmonized reporting by Member States on the GNMF indicators.

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